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Our company UAB ,,AUTOfenix’’ specialize on purchase vehicle from USA, but we can help our clients to order in USA based car details. Also we can order other goods from USA and Europe (as phones, sport staff, PC and etc.). Our rake-off is 10% from final sending purchasing price if good`s sending price is more than 300Lt (122$). We delivery goods from USA, Europe by air mail in 3-10 days, in container from USA – in 2-3 weeks.

  • Ordering car details from USA

Can`t find right detail? Contact us and tell that kind of detail you looking and we will help You to buy it and delivery it to your given address.

  • Order others goods from USA and Europe.

Are you looking for new PC, phone or other goods, and don’t want to over pay? This service is exactly to you. We concern purchasing goods from USA and Europe. You can pick goods from all World`s places, but often littles shops managers have good reputation because have narrow business sphere. Often, suchlike shops owners eBay main income. We know, what in Internet shops is possible to purchase items 4 or 5 times cheaper than retail in Lithuania. We recommend as – US dollars, – GB pounds, – Euros and etc. When you decided to by goods, contact us and we discuss purchasing and delivery terms. .

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