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Gero kelio !
Purchasing process

1.Select damaged or not damaged vehicle (we recommending several items) from our offering USA vendues search system and set the maximum price, which you can able to pay for your purchasing vehicle. Remember a LOT number (COPART vendue) and a STOCK number (IAAI vendue), so our staff could faster identify your selected vehicle.

2. Contact our staff for consulting about selected LOT/STOCK number.
After we will make deposit purchasing contract. To participate vendue, need to pay deposit (we accept cache or direct money transfer to our account), 10% from your purchasing vehicle`s maximum price. If we will not be able to purchase your selected vehicle, the deposit will be bringing back to you by 100%.

3. After we receive your deposit amount, you participate in vendue. Vendue date you can find on vehicle description list. Up-front betting starts before two weeks to vendue date. Up-front betting settle LOT/STOCK starting price. ,,Direct” vendue starting from date, marked on vehicle description list.

4. When vendue is over and you won, need to pay rest of price in 3 days time. In case if you do not pay all amount in 3 days – we set 150 US dollars penalty. This amount we add to the vehicle`s final price. If after 7 days we will not receive rest of amount part, your LOT/STOCK number going back to vendue and you are loosing deposit.

5. In 2-20 days Your vehicle loading to container in USA. You can check your container`s movement and arriving date to Klaipeda`s harbor by entering LOT/STOCK number in our web site`s containers search system.

6. When container arriving to Klaipeda, we inform you personally. After we arrange meeting, when we answering on your questions about vehicle`s certificate for registration, and other your questions.

Additional information. Clients, who not are able to arrive in our office, can sign contract by e-mail or by fax. In all cases you can ring to our supervisors and get answers for all your concerns questions. We always ready kindly to help you.

2003 m.
6500 EUR